HR Services

By trusting us with outsourcing your HR Services, your employees can count on a precise salary administration and you can focus on growing your business.

Outsourced salary administration & payroll

We offer a choice of 3 salary administration services

  • HR Komplet
    • This covers all human resources and administrative tasks that an internal HR department would cover
  • HR Modular
    • This allows you to outsource part of the operational tasks of your HR department
  • HR Weblohn
    • This enables a payroll administration solution in the cloud

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HR advisory legal & compliance services

We  have a vast experience in human resource administration for local and international employees. Our international network and our experienced team will support and assist you in complex and sensitive matters, such as:

  • the free movement of persons within the EU
  • taxation (local and international)
  • insurance and social security
  • work permits
  • relocation

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