Have you just found a new contract and need a reliable payrolling solution?

Are you a company looking to be sure your external workforce is fully legally compliant?

Stamford Payroll has the answers!


What do you need help with?



15 years in the business make us experts in payroll administration, able to cater to a wide variety of needs and circumstances.

Whether you are a professional who has found their own new contract or a company looking for a knowledgeable and experienced payroll partner to ensure you are fully compliant, Stamford Payroll has the answers!


HR Services

We have a vast experience in human resource administration for local and international organisations which makes us the perfect partner for your outsourced Payroll and HR Administration.

Whether your employees are Swiss or coming from another country we can quickly and easily take your problems in hand.


Expat Services

Our knowledge and network ensures that you receive the correct answer to your most critical issues when arriving to and staying in Switzerland. Our 360 degree service is always there to support you when starting a new role in Switzerland making your transition more convenient.


Tax Information

We help you to get familiar with the complexities of the Swiss tax system. We are always ready to answer your questions regarding Swiss taxation from the three pillars to how your tax will change as you move home or as your situation changes.



Based on our expertise in Swiss regulations, 15 years of hiring internationally, we are always ready to explain all the factors that will affect your chances of getting a work permit in Switzerland and can talk you through what steps you can take to facilitate this.